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Are you looking for an exquisite sushi catering experience in Orange County, Southern California? Look no further than Mr Fresh Sushi Catering! As the top-rated sushi catering service in the area, we offer an unforgettable culinary journey that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. With our experienced private sushi chefs and high-quality food, we are committed to providing the best sushi catering experience possible.

Why Choose Mr Fresh Sushi Catering?

At Mr Fresh Sushi Catering, we pride ourselves on our expertise in delivering exceptional sushi catering services. We understand that every event is unique, and our team is dedicated to tailoring our services to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Expert Private Sushi Chefs

Our private sushi chefs are highly skilled and have years of experience in creating beautiful and delicious sushi dishes. They are trained to handle all aspects of sushi preparation, from selecting the freshest ingredients to skillfully crafting each sushi roll. Their expertise ensures that you and your guests will be treated to a sushi experience like no other.

High-Quality Food

We believe that using only the finest ingredients is crucial to creating exceptional sushi. That’s why we source our seafood and other ingredients from trusted local suppliers who share our commitment to quality. Each bite of our sushi is a harmonious blend of flavors and textures that will tantalize your taste buds.

Customizable Menus

We understand that every event has different requirements, which is why we offer customizable menus to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer traditional sushi rolls, innovative fusion sushi, or a combination of both, our team will work closely with you to create a menu that reflects your vision and delights your guests.

Unforgettable Sushi Catering Experience

When you choose Mr Fresh Sushi Catering, you can expect an unforgettable sushi catering experience. Our dedication to excellence ensures that every aspect of our service is designed to exceed your expectations.

Live Sushi Stations

To add a touch of excitement to your event, we offer live sushi stations where our chefs create sushi rolls on the spot. This interactive experience not only allows your guests to see the artistry behind sushi making but also ensures that each roll is freshly prepared and served at its peak of flavor.

Omakase Style

If you want to indulge in a truly immersive culinary experience, our omakase style service is perfect for you. Derived from the Japanese phrase “to entrust,” omakase allows our sushi chefs to showcase their creativity by curating a personalized tasting menu based on the freshest seasonal ingredients. Sit back, relax, and trust our chefs to take you on a sushi journey like no other.

Mr Fresh Sushi Catering: Your Trusted Sushi Catering Partner

We understand that choosing a catering service for your event is a decision that requires trust. With Mr Fresh Sushi Catering, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of professionals who are dedicated to making your event a resounding success.

Experience and Expertise

With years of experience in the industry, we have honed our skills and perfected our craft. Our team of sushi experts understands the nuances of sushi making, ensuring that every dish we create is of the highest quality.

Attention to Detail

From the moment you reach out to us to the end of your event, we pay attention to every detail. We strive for perfection in every aspect of our service, from the presentation of our sushi platters to the attentive and friendly demeanor of our staff.

Customer Satisfaction

Our ultimate goal is to leave you and your guests satisfied and delighted with our sushi catering service. We take pride in receiving rave reviews from our clients and making their events truly memorable.


When it comes to premium sushi catering orange county, Mr Fresh Sushi Catering stands out as a leader in the industry. With our experienced private sushi chefs, high-quality food, customizable menus, and unforgettable sushi catering experience, we are the go-to choice for anyone looking to elevate their event with exceptional sushi. Trust us to deliver an extraordinary culinary journey that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Contact Mr Fresh Sushi Catering today to start planning your next unforgettable event!

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